Wonderful Wedding At Whatley Manor

The Cotswolds is host to some pretty spectacular venues, and we’ve just been introduced to yet another! The wedding party and guests hailed from across the globe, and it seems with the world to choose from, they chose Whatley Manor! It’s a beautiful Cotswold house, lovingly and authentically restored, treading graciously the line between contemporary and traditional styles. Not simply a wedding venue, it is well worth popping in if you’re in the area – and the band can heartily recommend the food!

That Crazy Little Thing

With an early arrival booked for an acoustic set, singer and bassist arrived just before 4:00pm to set up. The wedding ceremony itself was planned for 4:30pm, leaving just a half hour to get the slimmed down acoustic rig set up. With thoughts that autumn was upon us early, the sunshine felt like a real unexpected bonus to a lovely setting. We were greeted by a remarkably relaxed groom and we knew the tone was already set for a delightful day!

The chilled acoustic set ran over the drinks reception out on the terrace. The live music really helped set the mood for the day, and guests from across Europe sat and enjoyed some British sun and a few classic songs from British bands – English Man In New York felt particularly poignant.

After a number of speeches, the band were set and ready to go for the couple’s first dance. They’d chosen to choreograph a routine which, given that the guests didn’t event expect the groom to make an appearance on the dance floor at all, was greeted with rapturous applause from the wedding party. Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen was the chosen track, played by the band, and a great choice it was too!


With a large french contingent, our front man made an effort to engage the dance floor in French which was met with a mix of appreciation and bemusement as the broken phrases attempted to convey spoken sections of a few songs. With such a light atmosphere, the fun kept flowing through the whole night, with everything from Get Lucky‘s appearance to Billie Jean being met with much joy.

A lovelier couple you’d be pushed to find, and it was a true pleasure working for them. Take a look at our photos from the day below to see just how much fun was had by those celebrating with this delightful pair!

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