Welcome to the New Year – Wedding Band in London Show Shenanigans!

The first show of the new year saw us making another trip into central London; between Marylebone and Mayfair to be precise! It always feels like being on a monopoly board playing these sorts of venues – but perhaps that’s just us being a West Midlands wedding band, rather than one based in the nation’s capital!

The Age Old Question

Coming into ‘town’ from Coventry there’s always a certain amount of debate over exactly how long it’s likely to take. As any Londoner, or London Wedding Band may well know, traffic within the M25 can be particularly tricky. So close to Westminster we decided to leave more than enough time – and ended up dropping into Westfield Shopping centre on the way through. Better to be 15 mins away and stop for a coffee with an hour in hand, than 15 mins away with only 10 to get to the venue!

Parking Fit for a Wedding Band!

Performances in Central London can be hard work, especially in the parking department. We estimate we carry upwards of 150kg of equipment to and from gigs, so parking as close to the stage as possible is really important to us. Unlike our last Wedding Band London jaunt, we were able to park directly outside the venue. Once inside it was but a short walk down a corridor and round the corner to the place we were playing (the ‘Sandpit’ – apparently!). Ideal.

No First Dance, but a Lively Audience

The couple decided against performing a first dance, feeling that it was just too much to pull in running up to the wedding. We usually suggest having something to get the dancing started, but it’s never a requirement from our point of view. As it was, the bride made herself scarce as we begun, which made it clear that it was time for everyone to just get stuck in!

Once again, Moves Like Jagger had the dance floor hopping; but there was never a quiet moment. The only photos we managed to get were in the early part of the evening – beyond which point the dance floor was too busy for the remote to connect to the camera, which was stationed on the far side of the dance floor.

A Tiring Way to Live – Wedding Bands Get Home Late!

Another successful night – and another fairly long drive home! It was around 4am before we were back in Coventry having made the mistake of using the M1 which still insists on a 50 limit through the night. Next week we’re at a Nurses Graduation Ball in Coventry – which is much more like it!