Wedding At Coventry’s Guildhall

Coventry’s Guildhall is an amazing reminder of what sort of architecture there used to be in this industrial town. At nearly 700 years old, St. Mary’s Guildhall a wonderful historical building and a spectacular venue for a wedding reception. As a band, the stage makes an ideal performance space, and while in medieval times they didn’t consider access for amps and drums and the like, the four band members made relatively short work of the load in!

International Coventry Wedding Band!

Coventry weddings are a real boon for any wedding band based in the West Midlands, but even more so for the band being based in Coventry ourselves. Connections into the city are great, and even the city’s one-way system isn’t too confusing!

Saying that, for the wedding congregation themselves, who hailed from across the globe it wasn’t quite such a familiar surrounding. Having played ourselves for many international audiences over the years, we’re well versed in putting together a set list classic enough to appeal across the continents.

First Dance Jazz

The first dance was a recorded Jazz Suite – and a lovely one it was too. Short of booking the Dave Arch Band from Strictly, there will always be songs that don’t work with a particular lineup and in that situation, it’s great to use a recording.

From there on, things got decidedly more live! Before we began, a school age young lady asked if we played any Pharell Williams. She had, it transpired, learned a dance to Happy, and was hoping to perform it to the audience. We checked when she was likely to leave (children are usually on their way to bed before the first set is over) and brought Happy in to finish off her night. The look on her face was a picture and proud parents looked on and even joined in at times!

As you can see from the photos while the hall can accommodate larger numbers, the audience and band together made a great night. Lots of fun!

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