Thomas And Andy’s Wedding at Antsy Hall

Just down the road from the band’s home town, Coventry, we arrived at The Orangery at Antsy Hall for Thomas and Andy’s wedding. The CoverUps came well prepared having rehearsed the grooms’ first dance request, Gold Forever by The Wanted. Thomas and Andy encouraged all of their guests onto the dance floor for their first dance which made for a perfect start to the evening!

Ansty Hall did a fantastic job of decorating the ballroom for Thomas and Andy. Balloons were everywhere! The night was full of energy yet laid back at the same time. This allowed the newlyweds to chat to their guests while also enjoy the disco between the band’s sets and rock it out on the dance floor as soon as we started playing again!

Queen Of Pop

Tracks such as Domino by Jessie J and Poker Face by Lady Gaga were added thanks to an additional female vocalist, Christen, as part of our 5-piece band. We always love having an extra vocalist with us. It means we can add female-lead tracks and dive into the favourited pop tracks on our repertoire. We would definitely recommend booking our 5-piece band if you’re keen on pop!

The night went down like a storm. We couldn’t ask for anything more than a full dance floor and everyone enjoying themselves- and that is exactly what we had. We also managed to grab a few photos from the night which you can browse below. We hope you enjoy and think of us if you’re getting married at Antsy Hall anytime soon!

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