The Vegetarian Option – Wedding In Quorn

Tonight our merry band of CoverUps found themselves playing at a wedding in the little village of QUORN just outside Loughborough, Leicestershire. The bride and groom were a pleasure to work for, and as we tucked into our very welcome pig roast buns a polite young waitress turned up with a big tray of complimentary brownie and cheesecake which we thankfully duly scoffed (photo at the end).

Don’t Get Your Kickers In A Twist

I couldn’t help but notice the poster below that was hanging by the dance floor. I didn’t notice any underwear but I was quite busy.

Perfect Weather For A Campfire Wedding

It was a really lovely campfire style marquee wedding in a beautiful farmers field and was made even more perfect for the lucky couple by being bathed in God given 30’c sunshine that turned into a beautiful sunset for the photos. We’re always really chuffed for the bride and groom get the best out of the weather: it almost seems like a reward for all the hard work wedding planning.

We really enjoyed our time in Quorn, and I might even try some for my tea in honour of the little place.

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