The Tythe Barn – Home away from home…

Back again at the Tythe Barn! Tonight we arrived close to and hour early after a really clear run down into Oxfordshire. There’s a great little room to chill out in here, and the staff always look after us which is fantastic.

First Dance Fact Finders

Tonight’s first dance, She’s the One, has been sounding really nice in rehearsal; looking forward to playing that. We found out while learning this track that the Robbie Williams version we all know is actually a cover. The original is by a band called World Party, and was released only a couple of years earlier. The key difference, if you’ll excuse the pun, is the key; otherwise the arrangement is very similar. If I’m honest, I prefer Robbie’s vocal performance to that of the World Party.

Today’s wedding is running a little behind schedule. The speeches which were given 30 mins in the schedule took a little over an 90 mins. The speeches are one of the best, most intimate parts of any wedding day; and as such we never begrudge any couple this time, especially when it runs a little long. We’ll do what we can our end to get set up in good time once the room is available, and there’s plenty of flexibly in the evening’s events to make up the time, and we’ll certainly play our full 2 hours later….

5 hours later…

Home now after a brilliant wedding reception. The first dance was a lovely moment. High points of the set included Just Dance by Lady Ga Ga, which threw a couple of choruses of Backstreets Back into. The bride and all her mates loved it; not least as it seemed to take them by surprise! As always, Sex on Fire and Don’t Stop Believing went down a storm.

A great night was had by all, and back to home back at home now.