The Devonshire Dome – Derbyshire Wedding In A Grand Venue

In all the years on the road playing at wedding venues up and down the UK we’ve never encountered one quite like The Devonshire Dome in Buxton, Derbyshire. As we were told on numerous occasions, it’s Europe’s largest unsupported dome. We think you’ll agree from the photos below that it is spectacular wedding venue! (check out our photosphere of the Dome!)

Early Arrive And Set Up

In spaces like this, where we’re playing in the same space as the guests are eating, it’s often desirable for us to set up early. To avoid the expense of the entire band arriving early we offer a partial set up arrangement. This time lead vocalist Mike and drummer Andy arrived at 3pm to get the majority of the equipment set up before the guests arrived at 4:30pm. This way only a quick line check is possible (checking that all the equipment is working) and full band live sound check takes place when the rest of the band arrive.

Personal Touches

We never got to the bottom of the nautical decoration on the tables, but as you’ll see from the photos below there was a definite theme! We loved the name cards – each one a photo of the name written in sand. Beautiful! We enjoyed finding our own names in the decorations – check them out below.

Another 5-Piece Wedding Band

The 5-piece line up of the band has proved a popular option this year. The extra female lead makes a real difference, particularly when the first dance is by Alicia Keys! Distance And Time was the choice for this couple, a song reflecting the long distance nature of their relationship. Rach did a great job delivering the vocal and the track was a lovely start to the wedding reception music.

Highs That Reached The Top Of The Dome!

Being in such a spectacular venue always inspires an energetic performance. Tonight was a set of many highs – Rolling In The Deep was great fun, Rule The World that ended the night was epic (helped along by the massive reverb of the enormous dome!) Here’s hoping we get a chance to return to the dome soon, but for now enjoy the photos!

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