The CoverUps Live at a Wedding at Somersal Cottages, Derbyshire

Just in from the band’s first wedding at Somersal Cottages. The first thing to strike us about the venue was just how remote it is, and how beautiful it’s surroundings were. As is often the way in rural areas, the postcode centre, used by Sat-Nav, was some distance from the venue itself, so we got to see quite a lot of the surrounding area! As always, we had left in plenty of time, and despite roaming the countryside, we arrived with a good half hour in hand.

Lucy, the venue wedding coordinator, met us on arrival. Things were already behind schedule- the sunny weather keeping everybody laid back, and less than worried about the timings! We are always of the opinion that you can’t buy the sunshine (as I think Turin Brakes may once have said) so it’s great when blessed with the good weather to make the most of it. All that said, we set up during the meal, leaving live sound check for just before the performance when people were no longer at the tables.

Both sets tonight found the dance floor packed from start to finish. Despite the heat, the audience were as lively as you could hope for. There were a few in the list tonight which we’d not played live for a while; Billie Jean, 2 Princes and Buck Rogers. All were great fun, and we felt the Michael Jackson track sat much better than it had in the past- probably just us being perfectionists, but it feels like we got the vibe of that song in a way we hadn’t before. It’ll definitely be making more appearances in the coming weeks!

To bed now, as it nears 3am…