The CoverUps Keep The Dance Floor Moving – Literally!

Local Delights

While the CoverUps are quite used to travelling around the UK to perform, it is always nice to stay close to home in the good old West Midlands.  Saturday’s wedding at the Hyatt Regency, Birmingham, just half an hour from Coventry, was a fine example.  Its central location just along from the International Convention Centre even made it easy for guitarist Steve to find after his longer journey up from London.

On The Up

Wedding Bands can sometimes dread the prospect of playing on upper floors but after an easy load-in via the lifts, the CoverUps set up in the magnificent Symphony Ballroom on the 1st floor of the Regency.  A great-sounding room -just right for dancing the night away at one end while just as easily holding a conversation and appreciating the music from the other.

Once done with the hard work the boys enjoyed a business style meal dining in the boardroom, discreetly tucked away while the evening guests arrived; a nice touch to help the night run smoothly.

The CoverUps Keep The Dance Floor Moving – Literally!

The Bride and Groom put in an awesome choreigraphed performance to Florence & The Machine’s “You got the love” – they never stopped smiling the whole way through! – then we struck-up straight into a bit of Bruno Mars with “Marry You.”  The dance floor stayed lively throughout the night with particularly strong showings for “No Diggity,” “Just Dance”(with a Backstreet twist) and “Local Boy in the Photograph.”  It was plain to see the guests had enjoyed themselves as the dance floor had made its way steadily towards the band as if to invite the boys join in the merrymaking on the floor!  A good night had by all.