The Band Return To Cheltenham For New Year’s Eve

Hotel Du Vin in Cheltenham has become a regular haunt for the CoverUps on New Year’s Eve the past few years – but this year was something slightly different! There was definitely something in the air, perhaps just the communal excitement of 2012 drawing to a close; with the Olympics and Jubilee year firmly in the memories of everyone there it was about time to see this year out in style!

Exquisite Food

The Hotel Du Vin venues are renowned for their spectacular food; and our sausage and mash this year really hit the mark! Playing primarily as a wedding band, the CoverUps enjoy some wonderful food throughout the wedding season. Each live show is fuelled by a great hot meal, often a taste of the wedding breakfast – so the band are well versed in good food… though, perhaps surprisingly, quantity remains as important as quality; and this sausage and mash hit the spot on both counts!

Lively Live Band

Enough about the food – what about the show?! New Year’s Eve is all about Midnight and as such our performances always start a bit later so we can see the new year in in full flow. The first half was from around 10-11pm – leaving enough time for the guests to finish their food (sorry, food again… perhaps I’m hungry…) and get some drinks in before dancing commenced.

We had great fun throughout the first set. The soft start we usually use for a wedding was out the window and it was party tune after party tune. The 5 piece version of the band (tonight with added keys, guitar and vocals courtesy of Matt of Push Record Studios) gave the band an added versatility, taking the weight of instrumentation from our front-man and giving added interaction to the performance.

Seeing The New Year In In Style

Hotel Du Vin in Cheltenham spare no expense in giving their guests the best party of the year each December 31st.  This year not only did the guests have a great night dancing away to the live band, but they were treated to a live piper too! The band counted down to the New Year with the accuracy of the internet to aid them, at which moment the piper struck up downstairs. He blasted through a great medley of well known Scottish tunes, included an instrumental of Auld Lang Syne – which the band then joined and took the guests into a rousing rendition of the New Year’s classic.

First Party Of The New Year

From the first moments of the New Year the band took the guests through over an hour of lively party classics, from up to the minute tracks like Moves Like Jagger back to awesome night finishers like Hey Jude… via, perhaps slightly surprisingly, Enter Sandman by Metallica! A guest had requested some Metallica during the interval, and it just so happened it works as a marvellous segue from 500 miles – of all tracks! It was probably the high point of the gig – certainly for metal fan Hywel on lead guitar!

Here’s to next year, when with any luck we’ll return to the hotel for more fun! Below are some shots we took at the night!

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