Sunny Somerset Wedding Near Brisol

On this hot summer’s day we arrived in Somerset for Rhian and Tom’s wedding. For their reception venue, the bride and groom hired a marquee and placed it in their gorgeous, tree-lined grounds overlooking rolling Bristolian farms and fields. The sun was warm, drinks were bubbling and there was a tangible feeling of love and happiness in the air.

Carribean Flair

As we began the set-up, the band noticed we weren’t the only live musicians playing this afternoon. A Carribean Steel band had made their way down the length of the M5 and M6 from Manchester to bring a bit of that relaxed equatorial vibe to the archetypally English country garden.

To the sound of the steel drums, we set our equipment up, and once done, made ourselves scarce during the wedding breakfast. In the stunning house, where we were residing before the performance, we had a lovely chat with a nanny who was providing child care during the course of the wedding. It’s an excellent idea if you’ve got the resources, especially if many of your friends already have children, to provide something for the kids to do. Interestingly, many of the parent’s felt more relaxed just knowing it was there – sending the kids out much later than they’d expected!

Just Gets Better

We returned for the first dance, Tom Baxter’s Better. It’s a lovely, unassuming song, and one we’ve performed a number of times over the years. From there the set transitioned through the decades, with the poppy section at the start of set 2 proving a real hit. ¬†From Uptown Funk all the ways back to Billie Jean the combination of hits and cooler summer evening air made for a bustling dance floor.

With the happy couple being at their own home already, they even saw us off the site. It was lovely to see them so relaxed and happy after such a successful and joyful wedding day! Congratulation to you both!

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It was a new location for The CoverUps and we couldn’t have been more prepared to start the night with their first dance request, Better by Tom Baxter.