Summer Ball At Woburn Golf Course

Summer is here – apparently! – and so to the season of the summer ball. This time it was a members’ Ball at the well respected Woburn Golf Course. Little over an hour from our HQ in Coventry the venue ¬†greeted us with sunshine and a beautiful wooded driveway – a lovely arrival!

3 Courses

Usually when we’re talking about 3 courses, it’s the meal the guests are eating. This time it was 3 full 18 hole golf courses we were surrounded by! Once again itchy to get his clubs out, our guitarist, Gaz, spent much of his time admiring the memorabilia adorning the walls of the club – it seems a great many famous faces, and excellent golfers have walked these courses.

Rebookings Galore

The recommendation for booking the band came from an old client (or fan?!) of ours who booked us not only for his Daughter’s wedding and wife’s 50th, but his son’s wedding next year! Perhaps when you’ve got something that works there’s no need to try to fix it! Suffice to say, it made for a friendly reception for us, and the dance floor very quickly became bustling.

The night was great fun, with golfers, friends and family all enjoying a good excuse to don their finery and have some jolly nice food -and we’re really hoping to return sometime in the future! For now we’ll leave you with the few photos we managed to get of the dance floor.

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