Update: Testimonial! Royal College of Physicians, Regent’s Park – London Wedding Band

Update: The bride from this performance has just got in touch with this lovely testimonial of the band.

It was a top priority for us to have a great live band at our wedding and you really were that. It made my evening to see so many people on the dance-floor for so long and the feedback from the guests has been amazing.Jenny and Alex Sweet

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Tonight saw a trip to the nation’s capital for the wedding band – London, and about as central as you can get, on the outskirts of Regent’s Park! The Royal College of Physicians didn’t strike us as your typical wedding venue, but with it’s unique blend of modern architecture and fascinating history, there’s no doubt it steps up to the role nicely!

London Wedding Bands, and those from Further Afield

It’s a funny thing that London Wedding Bands are known to not enjoy leaving the M25 perimeter. It’s certainly true that there’s plenty going on in lively London, but they certainly miss a trick, in our view. Saying that, there can often be some trepidation on travelling inside the M25 for those of us who aren’t London Based Wedding Bands… I suppose it is as they say: “Better the devil you know!”.

Olympic lanes, not yet enforced we don’t think, made a quirky change to the usual bus lane avoiding weaves we’re used to. This was, however, the only sign we saw of the Olympics, besides road signs telling us to avoid London during the games. We don’t have tickets, so I think we’re safer back home!

We arrived, fortunately, in good time at the postcode. As is often the way in densely packed city centres, it’s hard to tell exactly where you’re supposed to be. After driving past the entrance a good couple of times, we found our way in with about 20mins to spare.

The helpful staff at the Royal College of Physicians directed us to the loading entrance, and we set to work.

Straight Forward Sound Checking

It’s great when you’ve travelled 2 hours, and spent another hour loading equipment into the venue to find that the room sounds lovely (and not too lively!) The library had a great high ceiling, thick carpets and was, as you’d imagine’ lined with books! The sound in there was ideal – and the photographer, himself an ex professional sound engineer, commented on how good it sounded after the first set.

An Interesting First Dance

Sunny by Bobby Hebb was the first dance – a lovely upbeat track with more key changes than you can shake a stick at! I think we pretty well managed each one in unison, and the bride and groom kicked off the dancing in fervent style.

And from there we played two and a half hours of live music! It’s not infrequent that we are asked to extend the live music during an evening – though often on checking the schedule more closely it’s recognised that two hours would be plenty. Not this evening though – and the guests got to dance away for 25% longer than usual. It’s nice to be able to roll together a few tracks that don’t often get aired together, and to really extend areas of the live set like the pop section that kicks off the second half. Tonight this was 10 songs long, and saw the dance floor lively throughout.

Leaving London

We’re always surprised how much traffic remains on the central London roads through the night – and this night was no exception. Fortunately for us, it was all moving, and before we knew it we were back in the spacious greens surrounding the M40!

The Olympics will be long gone before we return to London… Until then – enjoy our photos of the night!

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