Rocking Out At Wethele Manor!

A stones throw away from our Coventry home, the idyllic Wethele Manor, Leamington Spa was the setting for the wedding of Mr & Mrs Boswell. It wasn’t our first time playing at the Manor so we set up quickly in familiar surroundings while being looked after by the wonderfully helpful staff with food and drink. The night started quickly as the guests filed in for the Bride and Groom’s first dance to the classic ‘Amazed’ by Lonestar, played by the band. This track set the rocky tone for the night as our first set was filled to the brim with rock classics from band like The Beatles, Blur, The Strokes and Guns ‘n’ Roses. It proved to be very popular with the crowd as the dance floor was packed for the whole set, and there were even one or two shouts of ‘encore’ at the end of the first half!

Guitarist Steals The Show

The second set was another rock-filled extravaganza and throughout the crowd couldn’t stop watching Steve our guitarist as he nailed classic solo after classic solo. A surprising hit of the night was ‘Basket Case’ by Green Day. A song specifically requested by the Bride & Groom, it went down a storm and the words were sung in unison by almost everyone in the room! By the end of our second set everyone was rocked out, and entertained and happy guests said their goodbyes to the happy couple.

The Best In The West (Midlands!)

For us it was a job well done and time head home, putting our dreams of rock stardom back in the box for another day – but at least we got to bring it out for a little while!