Rocking Out at Hyde Barn!

A whisker over the hour from our Coventry HQ, The Hyde Barn is a wonderful wedding venue nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds. Having enjoyed playing a wedding at the Hyde Barn last year, it was a great welcome call to return (this time with an added acoustic set!).

Lazing On A Sunny Afternoon

It was great fun providing an acoustic set over the drinks reception in the afternoon. After the busyness of getting ready, followed by the formality of the ceremony, for many involved it is the first chance to unbutton the collar and begin to relax into the day. A mix of Jason Mraz, Billy Joel and a few laid back versions of upbeat tunes (Crazy by Gnarls Barkley is always fun), the mood of the day was set. The groom himself, a big fan of 90s indie, gave us the chance to roll out some Oasis and Stereophonics tracks. Trusty digital songbook at hand, songs were dusted off from right at the back of the catalogue!

A Moving Performance

After the acoustic set was over, it was time for a quick break before the rest of the band arrived. With some debate over the location of the evening set, the gear was left in place in the hope it might get to stay set up! As it was, we moved through to the main hall to play the main set. The main room at the Hyde Barn is spacious, giving us more room to let go and even get the groom up for some singing!

Rocking The Cotswolds

With the gear in place, including the groom’s guitars and amp we’d set up for him, we were ready to begin. The first dance was the Lumineers with Ho Hey. First things first we got the crowd in on the chants before kicking into the track ourselves. It’s a great way to start the dancing and a lovely vibe to that track. “I belong to you, you belong to be, you’re my sweetheart” – you could hardly find a better sentiment to start married life! And so, the night rocked on with a combination of indie and pop hits, with a few visits from the groom and his old band mates to play us through some of their favourite tunes. As you can see from the photos below, it was a great night. And with over a hundred weddings a year at Hyde Barn, we’re looking forward to being back to this great wedding venue soon!

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