Rocking In Silence At Blackwell Grange

Silent Disco Band Blackwell Grange Shipston On Stour Cotswolds Wedding

One of our brand new local favourite wedding venues is the delightful Blackwell Grange in Shipston-On-Stour. A modern, elegantly converted barn with glorious views and surroundings – it’s an idyllic setting for a beautiful wedding celebration.


In over a decade performing an eclectic mix of venues across the length and breadth of the UK we’ve worked with all manner of requirements from venues, couples, wedding planners – you name it! A common one is to work alongside a sound limiter. It’s always our goal to give the bride and groom the best night possible, and that means giving them something to dance to!

Working with a sound limiter is a skill, but one all our musicians are talented enough to pull off without anyone noticing. A sound limiter is so low that the audience singing along sets it off sounds like a deal break, right? If the audience are going to cut the band’s power, it doesn’t matter how quietly they play… does it?!

The Sound Of Silence

In order to keep our on stage sound to a minimum, the band always use in ear monitors – headphones that play what each musician needs to hear. Given that, it’s a small step – if quite a technical and complex one – to give the whole audience headphones they can crank as loud as they like. All of a sudden the room is all but silent with a dance floor full of people rocking out like they’re at an arena gig!

Rockabye Baby

A wonderful night was had by all and, importantly for Blackwell Grange, there were no complaints from the neighbours. It’s such fun being part of a night like this, using our experience to turn an otherwise potentially disappointing night into an amazing night of celebration. We’re looking forward to returning!