Riverbank Rocks! The CoverUps Kick Off The Weekend In Nottingham

Our bi-monthly residency at the Riverbank on Trent bridge kicked off in style tonight; and wasn’t without a few surprises! It’s great having a place to call home, and we’re starting to feel that at the Riverbank. Long time friends of the venue’s counterpart – Tom Brown’s Brasserie – this year has seen the band take a regular slot on the first Friday of every even month… confused? Well, the next is June 7th: that’s probably all you need to know for now!

Change From The Norm

The CoverUps pride themselves on being almost exclusively a wedding band. Weddings are unique amongst band related events, and we’ve spent years honing the service we provide to make sure everything runs as smoothly with the band as any other aspect of the couple’s big day. So for us, this bar gig gives us a chance to try something different, something new, and enjoy the reaction from a very different audience.

The night kicked off around 10:30pm with our old school set… populated with classics that got the room jiving and rocking out, it’s a great excuse to hear so many tracks relegated in recent years by the current chart toppers.


As a chance to drop some of the newest tracks in the list, tonight saw one of the first performances of No Diggity by Blackstreet. A classic from the CoverUps’ clubbing days, the slow R&B groove is one of few in the band’s repertoire. The dramatic change from the band’s usual style seemed to work brilliantly and the crowd really went for it. It’ll be making appearances over the summer I’d imagine, so keep your eyes peeled.

Other particular stand out moments tonight were Moves Like Jagger, Superstition and Sweet Home – each track placed to take the audience on to the next stage. Great fun.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention in this section a massive privilege too; to welcome international England Cricket player Graeme Swann to the stage!

Surprise Celebrity Stage Invasion!

Yep, as we were rocking out the second set – I think it was somewhere around I Predict A Riot – we were joined onstage by a surprisingly unassuming Graeme Swann, seemingly egged on by his mates, to sing Town Called Malice. The band struck up, and Swanny dived in – hitting the vocal with great verve and surprising accuracy! His twitter account puts lead singer as the 3rd string to his bow, and as you might expect from someone who plays for the England Cricket team, he doesn’t do it by halves.

As the night drew to a close, we had Swanny back up to sing out Wonderwall. With the Swagger of a Gallagher brother, he pulled that one off too… Fair play!

Behind The Scenes

Tonight we got the opportunity to beta test a new mobile app for live performance. We’re not at liberty to say much about it at this stage, but suffice to say it takes the smoothness and solidness of our performance to the next level! Jack, tonight’s drummer who was using the app, said during pack down “to be fair, I’m convinced”… watch this space for any further developments!

Back Soon!

Home now, but back to Nottingham tomorrow for another show – and back at the Riverbank on 7th June! Until then, enjoy these photos!

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