Rewarding Awards Show For Co-op

Tonight saw the band making an early trip to the Belfry in Birmingham to set up for a corporate event for Co-op. The stage, as you’ll see below, was set beautifully – the band backed by a massive projector screen and an impressive array of lighting.

Corporate Fun(ction)

Where we usually take and run our own PA, corporate events usually have the PA for the music provided by a production team, and this show was no different. On arrival the array of mics, monitoring and cabling was already set, meaning we could pop our gear into position ready to sound check. As the desk always needs completely resetting this often take longer than when we sound check ourselves, since our desk is pre-set with the setting of the last show.

Wonderful Food

With an extended period between sound check and the performance, the band had a good chance to sit down tosome lovely dinner in the Belfy’s main bar. And with after a decent break to digest (thanks to the event running over slightly) we were ready to go.

Blame It On The Weatherman

We had the job of being introduced on by Des Coleman (BBC Weather – hence the B*witched reference above) – but sadly, due to the rapid changeover between the awards and performance didn’t have much of a chance to interact.

And so to the dancing. As if often the case with this sort of event, the audience is made up of a large number of small groups – couples and threes generally with award winners and their managers making up a large portion of the crowd. As such it’s not a dynamic given to partying hard. The dance floor certainly bustled throughout, but there was significant appreciation from the non-dancing contingent. Where some might see the band’s job to drag everyone to the dance floor, we’re inclined to allow an audience to join in at a level they feel comfortable, enjoying the music from the bar, their table or the dance floor as they see fit!

Instant Feedback

The following morning we had this message from the organisers of the event, so a job well done we think!

I just wanted to say thank you for keeping us all entertained last night. We have received many positive comments about you band and how much people enjoyed themselves so I wanted to pass on my thanks.

Thanks once again and I hope to work with you in the future.

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