Return To Wroxall Abbey for a Wintery Wedding

You wouldn’t believe it was nearly April tonight when the band returned for a wedding to Wroxall Abbey. Snow lined the long drive, and as we passed the marquee we did just double check the coordination sheet to make sure we weren’t playing outside! As ever at Wroxall, everything was running to a T and we were ushered straight in to set up in the Sonnets suite.

Immediately we were taken back with memories of last time we were at Wroxall Abbey with our good friend and wedding photographer, Leighton Joskey. We were also reminded that this was where the CoverUps began their career as a professional functions band – playing at the venue’s New Year’s Celebrations back in 2004. It’s been a fun near decade!

Unusual First Dances

It’s perhaps unfair to call tonight’s first dance unusual – perhaps less common, but it was certainly a lovely choice. Keane’s Sovereign Light Cafe was the song, and the couple rightly opted for the recording of the track. It’s not a song we’re familiar with at all, though we listened to it before the day to check we were on the right page. Keane’s more popular tracks, including Somewhere Only We Know and Everybody’s Changing have made it into the solo acoustic repertoire in the past and they’re beautifully crafted songs.

Surprise Highlights

Tonight’s first set got off to a steady start but surprisingly  it was Take That’s Up All Night that really brought a crowd to the dance floor. It’s a great tune, with some quirky changes and it’s always served the dance floor well, but it’s seldom the song which draws the crowd in – which made for a nice change! Beyond that, the Bride and Groom’s choices of Mr Brightside, Sweet Child o’ Mine and Dancing on the Ceiling definitely got the party going.

Return To Wroxall Abbey

We’ll be looking forward to our next trip to Wroxall Abbey, which if the weather gets a little nicer might be more of a social visit! Until then, here are a few photos from the gig.

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