Recording Studio Day In Bath

Keeping our demos and repertoire bang up to date is always a challenge – but one we relish! We headed down to the Rec House Recording Studio in bath to lay down some new tunes!

Live Band

Despite all the technology, recording a live band is definitely an art rather than a science. Today we had a mission to get the instruments down to three songs. It may sound crazy, only 3 minutes a track, surely the whole set could be recorded in a day?! Well, there’s far more than meets the eye getting things to sound just so on a recording, so even drums can take all day!

Experts In Recording

Thankfully the guys at the Rec House knew exactly what they were doing, and thanks to some beautifully tuned drums, setting up took scarcely more than an hour… A couple of runs of the first track and it was time for lunch!

Through the afternoon we spent some time getting the feel of the songs just right, and once drums and bass were down to the three tracks, it was time for Gaz to step up on guitar. Mics were carefully placed in front of his beautiful fender twin, and the volume was cranked suitable to get the elegant drive the amp is so well known for.

Karaoke Tracks

By the end of the day we had the stems to what amounted to 3 Karaoke backing tracks – all the instruments, but no vocals. Vocals would be recorded another day, by the wonder of technology, closer to home at Push Record Studios in Coventry. Watch this space for the finished products – but for now, just enjoy some shots of the guys at work!

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