Old Friends Reunite At Wroxall Abbey Wedding

It’s always great to return to Wroxall Abbey – amongst the finest of West Midlands wedding venues. It’s one of the only UK wedding venues to have everything from the Church to the reception venue and rooms all on the one site: and they sure know how to run a wedding!

Working With Old Friends

We were pleasantly surprised when organising this wedding to learn than an old friend of ours was DJing alongside the band. Dan Tovey, one of the infamous Tovey brothers (at least, they were infamous on the Birmingham music scene back in the days we were gigging the pubs and music venues) was taking care of the evening’s recorded tracks. It’s great working alongside a DJ – while we’re happy to provide background music between the sets, it’s nice to have that extra duty taken from our hands and the extra they’re able to put in can really make a difference.

A Family Connection For First Dance

The first dance was performed by the Bride and Groom’s Godson, Ollie. He gave lovely renditions of True Companion by Marc Cohn and Have I Told You Lately, originally by Van Morrison but covered by nearly everyone – us included! It’s always great to have that family connection during the day, and I think it really meant a lot to the couple to have him perform a few songs before the band began.

A swift transition later, we were up and going. As is often the way on Sundays, the evening was quieter than the earlier parts of the day, but as you can see in the video and photos below, those who stuck it out had a great night! Looking forward to our next return to Wroxall Abbey!

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