Nottingham Bound For A Vibrant Wedding At Kelham House

With over a decade of weddings under the band’s collective belt, a new wedding venue is a rare treat for us – and just beyond Nottingham, Kelham House in Newark gave us no room for disappointment. The expansive grounds and facilities were lovely and, after an unload to the doorway near where we were playing, the food we were given was delightful!

Shut Up And Dance

Tonight’s first dance was the new Walk The Moon hit – Shut Up And Dance. It’s such a great dance tune and a really fun choice for a first dance. The synth solo, which works equally well as a guitar solo we’ve since discovered, was a fun sound to recreate, and the song brought the guests to the dance floor with a great energy. From there it was on with hits from Bruno Mars, Take That and later bits by Katy Perry and Alphabeat (a personal favourite!)


In the last year, Happy by Pharrell Williams has become a real staple of the set. Tonight it was flanked by Meghan Trainor’s fun swing, All About That Bass and Taylor Swift’s pop romp, Shake It Off. The 5 piece band is has taken such a strong shape the last 12 months, with Clean Bandit and others bringing fresh band sounds to the fore. The night ended with classic tracks from Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams, which is a great way to bring everyone of every generation to the dance floor.

We’re hoping our happy couple remain so in their marriage for a great many years to come, and that we get to return to Kelham House for another great show in the near future!

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