National Event in Birmingham for the Association of Air Ambulances

Tonight’s performance was as the evening entertainment for the AGM of the Association of Air Ambulances. The night was hosted by the excellent staff at the Abbey Hotel in Redditch. It’s a great venue, and one we’ve visited for a number of weddings in the last few years.

Setup and soundcheck went smoothly – though we were somewhat distracted by the set up of the evening’s other entertainment; a magician! We didn’t see anything that would ruin the illusion, but he certainly had more gear than the average deck or two of cards…

The demographic was a wide range of ages, so the set spanned the decades to give everyone a chance to dance. It was a long day, so many of the older attendees were tucked up by the second half, leaving us free to let rip! I Believe in a Thing Called Love was probably the high point for us. The song hasn’t been out for a while, and Gaz had his harmonizer ready for the 80s metal guitar solo which really added a spark to the track.

The dance floor remained busy right up to the finale, and Mel, the event organizer was chuffed to bits. It sounds like it was a pretty big job getting the event organized, and the evening going well gave her an opportunity to let her hair down with her colleagues!

There will be some more photos taken by the official photographer arriving in the coming weeks, but for now here are our shots: