Marquee Wedding in Elegant Nottinghamshire Grounds

Harking from relatively humble Coventry dwellings it’s always fairly exciting to be playing at a wedding on the grounds of the bride’s family themselves! A delightful countryside house, surrounded by beautifully well kept gardens, in which the marquee hosting the wedding reception stood. It’s always wonderful to host your wedding somewhere that will have on-going sentiment, and this one had that in buckets.

Arriving Ahead of the Bride

The band usually arrive around 6pm, allowing plenty of time to set up before an evening performance. However, in some circumstances, like when the band’s stage is a centrepiece to the marquee, it’s not desirable for the band to set up amidst the guests. So, our usual arrival was pulled forward by 4 hours, and we had ourselves set and ready by shortly after 3pm – full live sound check complete!

Return to the Wedding Venue

The afternoon was then spent in a local hotel’s bar – taking a leisurely dinner, reading the paper, and getting on with various bits of administration. Lorenzo spent some time editing some tracks that he’s been recording – it’s amazing what you can do these days with a laptop. For the rest of us, it was a case of passing the time, making general chit chat about life in all it’s fullness!

On our return to the venue, we were told by the catering staff that things were, as is often the case, running a little behind time. The evening’s schedule was none too pressed, so we didn’t see this as a problem ourselves. They also told us that the guests had already finished their first barrel of Guiness, and to expect a great reception when we arrived on stage.

Bruno Mars First Dance

Just the way you are – two beautiful songs share this name, and we often have to check when one or other is requested. This time not the Billy Joel song this week, but Bruno Mars’ more recent tune, and a similarly lovely choice. The first dance was played live by the band, and that’s always special.

From there on, the dance floor remained jostling through the slightly truncated first half, until something of a special surprise happened during the interval!


Inexpertly captured below, the interval was filled with a spectacular fireworks display. Lasting upwards of 10 minutes start to finish the range of effects was amazing. We always enjoy these extravagances on a wedding day; there’s nothing that so accurately portrays the feelings of entering into a marriage.

Sadly, the camera fell off the bass amp during the second half, so we can only show you the earlier part of the last set. Suffice to say, the dance floor steadily got more and more packed until the finale of the set – tonight Don’t Look Back in Anger by Oasis. Rapturous singing ensued, and the happy couple became centre of attention within a circle of loved ones. A lively night dancing to a live band – it’s always fun to be part of!

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