Marquee Wedding From Home, Oxfordshire

Marquee tents have been a common choice for wedding parties over the years. However, its not often that we as a band get to play a whole set in someones back garden. By using Ellie & Tom’s parent’s house the couple were able to host a gorgeous wedding in the heart of Blewbury surround by the fields of Oxfordshire. Our evening was a breeze thanks to the help of their hired in wedding planner Becky who had everything planned out to a ‘T’.

We were set to go for the first dance. The couple had requested that no one waste anytime waiting for them to finish their dance and wanted everyone to join in straight away as soon as the music kicked in. Their choice of song, the classic, ‘Johhny B Goode’. Safe to say no one could resist working off their dinner on the dance floor with this iconic rock’n’roll track.

The guests were so hungry for music that we couldn’t just give them one encore.. but two! Plus, the bride asked so nicely, who could say no?

A big shout out to the catering team for put hot food in our belly’s, always appreciated.  We hope Ellie and Tom have a great time on honeymoon and wish them all the best for married life.