Lively Wedding Reception at the Royal Horseguards in London

It was only upon arriving at the Royal Horseguards Hotel that it really hit us exactly what Central London meant! Not a 5 minute walk from Trafalgar Square, the London Eye and many other of the great London attractions, this venue was going to be a spectacular place for a wedding reception!

Central London!

As is typical with many city centre locations, parking is not amongst it’s strong suits. Arriving, as we did, nearly an hour early – having left plenty of time for the central London traffic – we took it in turns loading in, and waiting with the cars. Once inside, and parked up, we had a little time to explore before the room became available to set up. Throughout, the venue is elegantly and tastefully decorated. The central staircase is a real work of art (rather un-expertly pictured above!). Around 200 guests were seated in the Gladstone Library for dinner, and when helping the venue with their in-house music system, we took the photo below. As you can (hopefully!) see, it’s a lovely room for a wedding breakfast!

Live Wedding Band Performance

The performance itself went really well. The first dance was Florence and The Machine’s take on You’ve Got the Love – a great choice of song, and the couple seemed genuinely excited to be dancing together. From there on out the dance floor never ceased to be bustling, right through to the finale of Don’t Look Back in Anger (a particular request of the groom).

With the load in and out being up 2 floors in a lift, we can’t say this was the most straight forward of wedding venues to play – but we can certainly say it was worth it! The views from the Reading and Writing room where we were playing were spectacular – the opposite bank of the Thames lit in vibrant colour, with the London Eye drawing your focus. And in all the grandeur, it’s safe to say this is a venue who take pride in the little details – right down to the fire exit signs!