Live Wedding Music at Barnsley House: Rain Did Not Stop Play, or Dampen Spirits!

In the last few years of playing live music at the beautiful Barnsley House, we’ve never been on such a rainy day! When travelling to weddings, rain often prompts a discussion about how the couple are dealing with the weather. Tonight, we were glad to meet the bride upon arrival smiling the fullest bride’s smile and fully engaging with the weather dealt to her on her big day. We heard from Natalie, the Barnsley House wedding coordinator, that the couple had had photos taken around the grounds – in their wellies! It’s great when a couple can start their married life with such sheer enjoyment that plans changing doesn’t phase them in the least.

Rain had, fortunately for us, cleared up by the time we were due to load in. An exceptionally quick turn around of the room by the well organised team at Barnsley House gave us plenty of time to get ourselves set up, ready for the first set.

Check out these photos taken live at the wedding from the back of the stage!
Barnsley House Live Wedding Band


Highlights of the set tonight were definitely 500 miles – the large Scottish contingent really enjoyed it, despite the wonky Scottish accent I adopt during that song! Other great songs tonight were Mercy, Shine and Superstition.

3 live performances at 3 weddings in 3 nights for the band. It was a lovely way for us to end the weekend, working along side the staff a Barnsley House makes for an easy evening for us, which is just what we need at the end of a long weekend like this one. It’s now time for our weekend!