Leamington Spa Wedding – Band Glad to be So Close to Home!

With bookings all across the UK and Europe – it makes a refreshing change to be at a venue so close to home. Wethele Manor was the wedding venue for the wedding and it’s evening reception. Happily, one of the wedding’s two best men was an old friend of CoverUps frontman, Mike… so a night with a few unusual treats for the band!

Wedding Bands at Wethele Manor

According to the staff at Wethele Manor, more than half of the 3 weddings a week at the venue have wedding bands! As such, we weren’t the first to have spent a slightly longer than usual sound check working around the room’s sound limiter. We’re well practiced at creating an atmosphere at lower volumes, regularly playing beneath 90dB (busy restaraunt volume) while keeping the energy high- ¬†and this wedding was no different.

Live First Dance

Tonight the band played the first dance; a gentle rendition of Elton John’s Your Song. It’s a lovely choice for a wedding, and the band are always happy to play it live.

A packed room led on to a bustling dance floor into the first set. Highlights this set were definitely Mr Brightside and Sweet Child – always a high energy end to the first half of the night.

Refuel with a Bacon Roll!

A well timed break for some evening refreshments gave the audience a new lease of life into the second half. As you can see from the photos below, the dance floor was bustline right through! The bride and groom had made a number of selections for the set list – triple starring Moves Like Jagger – and this gave us a good indication of the tracks they were into. The second half had a couple of less regular songs; Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor being one that hasn’t been in the wedding set list for a while.

The night came to a great climax at 11:30pm (the venue curfew) – the bride and groom after an upbeat number to finish off the night. Chelsea Dagger did the job – a packed room gathered round the happ couple as the night came to a close.

The Close to Home Paradox

For some reason, whenever we’re so close to home, or finishing early, the pack down and journey home seem to take longer than expected! A relaxed end to the evening and home shortly after 1am…

We’ll leave you with some photos from the evening, including some rather philosophical quotations from the order of service; a lovely quote there from Neitzsche!

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