How To Decide, Band or DJ?

Our good friend and fantastic wedding photographer, Hannah, wrote a blog recently on how to decide between a band or a DJ for your evening wedding reception. We thought she made some excellent points on both sides so we wanted to share it on the blog today!

Hannah made a great point that hiring a DJ for your wedding reception could be a lot cheaper than hiring a full live band, “If you’re planning a wedding on a budget and you’re just looking for something to dance to, you might book a DJ based solely on the fact that they will be cheaper than a full band…” This is very true and here’s why…

1. Hiring a professional band means you are paying for every musician’s livelihood. Hiring a DJ means you are paying for that single artist’s livelihood. It’s a simple matter of numbers when it comes down to it.
2. To a professional musician or DJ, your wedding day is not on the same level as a pub gig and it will not be treated like such. Every professional musician, including DJs, put a great amount of time and effort into honing their instrument and excelling in their talent.

So, in our experience, we recommend that you choose whichever suits your budget. Whatever fits the bill, literally. And we suggest that you give your money to whichever will best give you a professional service at the rate you can comfortably afford!

A few great pros to booking a wedding band…

Live music! Music that is live, not recorded, has a personal edge and feel that doesn’t come from a playlist. You get real musicians, giving you a real live performance and are fully present in the room with you. They engage in the atmosphere, mood of the guests and flow of the evening.

Because a live band is personally engaged, you’re likely to get a better turn out on the dance floor. If the band is up there rocking out, dancing and having a good time, you’re going to want to join in and do the same!

This is what we love about our job! What more could we ask for than to rock out and get people dancing for a living?! A band are more than just musicians playing songs on a stage. We get the party going and enjoy the night just as much as you do!

What is going to make your night the night you will always remember? Like Hannah said,“At the end of the day, it’s about having fun and celebrating your marriage with your family and closest friends in the best way possible.” 

Read Hannah’s full blog post here for more helpful tips on choosing between a band and a DJ! –

Thanks, Hannah K. Photography!