Horwood House Hotel Corporate Event for PWC

Tonight was a bit of a different night for the band, as the live entertainment at a corporate staff treat for the good people of Price Waterhouse Cooper. Corporate events like this are great fun. They’re different to weddings, with it being no one’s big day, so there’s less vested emotion and guests are there purely for the entertainment…. Tonight in the form of our live band!

We followed an excellent mind reader with a fascinating style. His whole thing seemed to be telling you exactly how he does his tricks; but at the end you really feel none the wiser! I missed his name, but I’ll see if I can post a link to any of his work.

The first half stated relatively slowly; while kicking off with some great tracks, we knew there was likely to be a bit of time while people got the next round of drinks in, popped out for a cigarette and generally took the chance to mingle. About half way through we kicked off Don’t Feel Like Dancing, which some what ironically was the song that brought people to the dance floor in their droves! It’s a great disco tune, and so often a hilight at the cheesier end of the live set.

Other great songs in the music tonight were Just Dance, Forget You, and Don’t Stop Believing… This was definitely a radio aware audience!

We tried to get some more photos tonight, but there was a problem with the camera. We’ll see of we can fix it for tomorrow! Until then, good night!