Great Fun at a Lively Wedding in East Anglia

The trip to Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, as with many areas east of the Midlands, takes the band straight down the A14. It’s not an exciting route, but it’s always surprisingly quick, which is a great thing to know as I write this blog as a passenger in the car back to the West Midlands.

A Beautiful, Unique Wedding Venue

Hengrave Hall Is a wonderful estate, and a very well run wedding venue. Our arrival was straightforward (despite needing to buzz to enter the grounds), and though perhaps not the shortest load in we’ve encountered of late, it wasn’t too far. We had the run of the room we were playing in, and being out of ear shot of the audience we had a relaxed set-up. The stage, as you can see below, felt like it took up nearly half the room. Despite this, it was a great room to play in. Somewhat lively with the wood and stone carvings adorning the walls, we had no issues with the sound limiter or with obtaining a great mix.

Recorded First Dance

Tonight’s first dance was an interesting choice. A key theme in the Twilight Films, Flightless Bird American Mouth by Iron and Wine is a lovely choice. We had offered to play the track live, but also suggested that the recording should be considered. It’s such a delicate and particular arrangement, and while we had designs on how this could be recreated live we know very well how a paricular recording can evoke the emotions associated with fond memories of the song. To that end we were glad they went with the recording, and they both seemed delighted to be dancing together as the last formality of the day.

The Live Music

So the time came for us to kick into the live set and the reception we got was amongst the warmest we’ve had in recent months. The audience was lively but reserved  with a warm ripple of applause after each track we played. Particularly well received in the first half were I Believe in a Thing Called Love and Mr Brightside. Steve’s solos soared in the mix tonight and a number of musicians in the room fixated on his every riff.

The second half was slightly truncated after a late start to the first set, but we still managed to whip the crowd to a suitably lively conclusion. Tonight’s encore was Summer of 69 as requested throughout the second half – it seemed only right, and the reminicing themes lyrics tugged gently at the heartstrings of the bridal party.

Return to Coventry

With an early curfew (11:30pm rather than the usual midnight) we hit the road shortly after midnight. The run home seems to be going smoothly, so we should be back before 3am! In the weeks ahead we’ll be working on some new demo tracks, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for those. Until then, enjoy tonight’s photos – oh, and a video of tonight’s packdown… we know you’ve always wanted to see what happens after the show!

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