Glorious Wedding at Hogarth’s Hotel, Solihull – Birmingham

Today’s wedding all took place at Hogarth’s Hotel in Solihull, just south of Birmingham in the West Midlands. The couple and their guests could scarcely have been more fortunate with the weather. As the band arrived, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and there was a delightful atmosphere.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

The couple took something of a gamble with their wedding ceremony – planning a fully outdoor arrangement in the well groomed grounds of Hogarth’s Hotel. You’d hardly think you were a stone’s throw from the bustle of Birmingham with the grounds immersing the wedding guests in beautifully kept natural surroundings. Despite a persistently rainy summer so far – causing last minute weather contingency planning by the bridal party – there was scarcely a cloud in the sky for the 2pm ceremony. Father of the bride told us that if they could bring themselves to make one complaint it was that it was almost too hot! But we mustn’t complain he said, so they just enjoyed the sunshine they’d been blessed with!

Stereophonic First Dance

We played tonight’s first dance live for the couple. A slightly obscure track by the Stereophonics – You’re My Star. While not the Stereophonics’ most dynamic offering, the couple just loved it. We watched and played as they danced and mouthed sang along to every word. It’s always lovely as a wedding band to get to play a song live that’s so special to the couple. It’s always our aim to keep as close to the original as possible, but playing the song live always adds a vibrancy to a first dance that you don’t necessarily get from a recording.

Sunny Wedding Days

This being the first significant day of sun after the summer we’ve had so far, we predicted that the guests would remain on the terrace for the first set. It was an early one (as is often the way on Sunday weddings) being 8-9pm. The sun was still blazing at that time, and the garden so lovely we certainly didn’t hold any grudges about many of the guests enjoying the music from outside the room! Still, the dance floor had a steady stream of visitors, the high point probably being Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Buble.

Feeding Frenzy!

Our first break was filled by us wolfing down our dinner. After a bit of a mix up with the food after our set-up (being served a bowl of chips and 10 buffet sandwiches between 4 of us – see photo below!) we were definitely ready for some hearty food during the break. It’s easy for these things to get lost in the planning of a wedding – and we’d never want a couple to get at all stressed about it. The usher we spoke to did a great job of liaising with the venue and soon we were replenished and ready to rock for the second set!

Sunday Weddings

Very wisely the bride and groom had planned their evening to end at 11pm. While many plan to party long into the night, on Sunday’s guests often have work the following day, and so the congregation tends to thin out past the 10pm mark. A hard core of revellers, many of whom were staying at Hogarth’s Hotel remained throughout and demanded not one, but two encores in the end! Don’t Look Back in Anger and an impromptu rendition of Wonderwall (as requested by the chief usher) fit the bill and the eager mob were satisfied.

Olympic Holiday

As many venues, and indeed brides and grooms, have other plans for the duration of the Olympics, we now have an uncharacteristic break in the middle of the wedding season. In truth it comes as something of a welcome break, and we’ve all made plans to recuperate with something of a siesta. After a little spending spree last week, it’ll give us a good chance to make a few subtle alterations to the set-up for the remaining weddings this season – watch this space for more wild combinations of music and technology! Until then have a great time watching the Olympics!

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