Gadget Filled Gig at Oxfordshire’s Heythrop Park

Last night’s gig was at a product showcase for a large computer firm – and as such, right up the band’s street! Always drawn by the latest gadgets and gizmos the time between sound check and set one was filled with testing out the latest line of laptops and workstations… Much geekery ensued!

Heythrop Park

The venue itself, the ballroom, is set in spectacular grounds. It was a good 5-10minute drive from the main road, through the Heythrop Park grounds to the conference facilities.

Load in was straight forward, giving us time to appreciate the room itself. The tables were decorated by Table Art, and curtains adorned the walls. It was pretty funky feeling, while having an air of class.

Where Music Meets Technology

The CoverUps have always been fans of the judicious use of technology in their music, being pioneers of new techniques amongst a growing number of bands using laptops and gadgets to produce the highest fidelity of live sound. We’ve been known to use laptops running amp simulations, vocal effects and driving all kinds of keyboard sounds from faithful piano simulations to authentic synthesizers – it’s all in the name of giving the best possible live sound.

As such, having a foyer full of the latest technology was something of a treat for the band. Once set up and fed, there was an hour or so to kill while the guests ate their dinner. As you can see in the photos below there were a few fun moments with equipment sadly beyond our price range – it may be a while before you see one of this company’s laptops on a gig!

A Great Atmosphere

With a demographic like this one – mostly male – the live music generates a great atmosphere. Musical aficionados and musicians alike get so much more out of a live band than recorded music. The bar remained lively throughout both sets – and the organizer asked the band to play well beyond their prearranged midnight curfew.

Only a day now to recoup before Saturday’s wedding in Regents Park! Fun Times!

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