Fun with Friends at Hintlesham Hall, Ipswich

Update: Just had this lovely e-mail from Monday’s bride:

I just wanted to say (again) how incredible the band was on Monday night. It was the perfect end to an wonderful day. You were brilliant! The best wedding band I have ever heard!

It’s always a delight playing for friends; and in the words of the groom himself, tonight’s live performance “knocked it out of the park!” The sister of the bride has known the band from their earliest live performances back in the early 2000s – so while not a night for an extensive catch up, it was a pleasure to cross paths again.

The whole wedding day took place at Hintlesham Hall in Ipswich – an ornate, manor with exquisite grounds. The food was fabulous, the venue was beautiful and the staff couldn’t do enough to help… If we were going to find something to improve, we’d just move it closer to Coventry! Ipswich is’t a hard journey, but it can’t be called a short hop from the West Midands.

Fun, Friends and a Fantastic First Dance

We heard from the venue staff that this wedding crowd was a lot of fun – easy going, close knit and really up for it. It was exemplified by the fact that despite things running a little later than planned, there wasn’t a hint of stress in the air. We got on as soon as the staff were happy that the room was ready for us, and managed to shave a ittle time off our usual set-up duration.

The first dance tonight was Chuck Berry’s Johnny B Goode. It’s actually a surprisingly recent addition to our live set, but such a fun, lively song. This time, however, we didn’t play the track, as the couple had chosen to choreograph a routine to the track. Rightly, they recognised that subtle cues from the original recording that they would use to orient themselves wouln’t necessarily make it to a live version (you’ll notice this if you listen to any band’s own live albums). As you can see from the photos below, the whole routine went fabuously. Sadly, our car was so full today, we couldn’t even squeeze the camera in, so these photos are the only ones for the blog tonight.

Long Nights of a Live Wedding Band

After a late start, we ended up playing until just after midnight. It now (3am) seems a long time after the 2pm when we started loading the car – but the live show was so much fun this evening it really flew by. It’ll be 4 or 5am before we see our beds, but such is the life of a live wedding band. Night night!

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