From Dinner to Dancing – A Great Wedding Day at The Greenway, Cheltenham

Today was an early start for our CoverUps front man. The couple had booked an afternoon acoustic set to have over dinner. Live music over dinner is sometimes seen as something of an extravagance, or afterthought. We, however, love playing live sets over dinner as it gives a great opportunity to enjoy the more chilled out end of the spectrum – while enjoying your food!

Weddings at the Greenway are organized by Jane Riddell of Planned for Perfection Wedding and Event Management. She’s great at making sure that, while everything’s planned perfectly from the outset, it runs as such on the day. She met us at the venue, liased with the staff to make sure everything was sorted out. It’s always handy to have that extra pair of hands, where a Maitre D’ may be occupied with the hands on running of the day, Jane’s great at keeping her eye on the plan and making sure things run to it!

So, the evening reception begun exactly as planned, the cutting of the cake followed by the bride and groom’s first dance… and then dancing! The first dance was our take on Adele’s rendition of Make You Feel My Love, written by Bob Dylan. It’s a lovely choice, and our paired down piano version gave the happy couple a great backdrop for this intimate moment.

It’s hard to say where the highlights of today were… During the afternoon acoustic set the bride had a few teary-eye’d moments, which makes it all feel worth while. The evening reception came to a climax with Hey Jude – a track that’s only begun making regular outings this season. We’re starting to wonder why now, with so many crowds going crazy for the “Na na na na” section at the end!