Forest Of Arden Wedding – Pop Band CoverUps Style!

The Forest Of Arden Hotel and Golf Club houses a beautiful wedding venue. The band’s first time at the venue for some time it was nice to return in 2014. As with all venues of this calibre, the event was running along in a timely manner, so we arrived a promptly set up all the band equipment ready for the show!

Wedding Bands And DJs

This night was something of a party for the couple, having got married abroad earlier in the year. Their guest list ran into the hundreds, and a big night was anticipated. To that end, the bride and groom had hired not only a wedding band but a DJ as well. It’s always fun for us playing alongside a DJ – there’s usually a good bit of banter behind the scenes, and we get the opportunity to appreciate the work the other is doing during the breaks.

The DJ kicked off the evening with the first dance, which was Barry White’s First Last and Everything. From there we took things on with a chilled but poppy first set. American Boy was a rarity for us, but it feels about time to bring it back in – it’s a gorgeous track, and much fun to arrange for that early evening relaxed vibe.

Wedding Party Vibes

Wedding parties can have quite a different feeling to whole day wedding celebrations. After a long day of formalities, sometimes people’s energy reserves are depleted (at least until after a good buffet!). At a party, people have turned up expectantly, fully prepared for an evening of dancing… And that’s what we found! With 250 guests, I don’t think there was everĀ everyone on the floor (someone needed to keep the bar propped up!) but the dance floor got rocking early on, and never dipped through to the finale’s of Summer Of 69 and Don’t Look Back In Anger!