Fireworks and Roses at the Hinwick House

What a treat Samantha and Oliver’s guests were in for that night! The newly weds took to the floor with the iconic track from Metallica ‘Nothing Else Matters’ for their first dance. The crowd quickly joined the bride and groom, because really.. who can say no to this epic rock ballad? The fun didn’t stop there though, the guests where invited outside to watch a private display of fireworks that the venue, Hinwick House provided. Plus, to top it all off, a hog roast was prepared ready for after the display. Sam and Oliver, you guys know how to take care of your guests. Who doesn’t love a bit of pig?!

From the moment the music kicked off the band knew this was going to be an awesome crowd. Taking every opportunity to dance and sing along at the top of their lungs our vocalist was out of a job! However, little did they know that the Bride had got one more surprise up her sleeve. As the band got ready to play their next set of music for the night, the Bride and her father took centre stage for the 2nd rock ballad of the evening, Bon Jovi ‘‘Bed of Roses’’. Again, the guests couldn’t deny the chance to sway and rock and out on the dance floor next to their hosts, it was the perfect way to start off another round of music.

What a party and what a stunning venue and team. We appreciated all your hard work, and thanks for the pig!