Fabulous Wedding Celebration In Oxford

Tonight the band were honoured to head down to the heart of Oxfordshire and play at a joy filled wedding celebration for some old friends of our lead singer. It’s a rare occasion these days that the band are able to celebrate with friends in such a way – and today’s wedding really brought home exactly why we do this!

A Day Full Of Joy

On perhaps the first truly sunny day we’ve had this year, our bride and groom could not have been more chuffed to be getting married. While, as always, timings slip and stresses of the day can creep in, the atmosphere was of an extensive community of friends and family so excited to see this bride and groom making this commitment to one another… It’s certainly cause for celebration in our books – and this bunch needed little encouragement from us!

A Wedding Infused With Personality

We seldom have such an insight into the personalities of the couple getting married – but today, even if they’d been complete strangers we’d have known them as old friends before the night was out. We arrived to a room with a coat rail in the corner; hanging on it though were no coats, but masks, wigs and all manner of costumes. There was clearly a silly and fun side to these guys… in the other corner was a bike/ice cream cart! As we found from the excellent band food, these guys know how to make people feel welcome with food. Our food was spot on, hearty and tasty, not overly fancy, and got us through the gig beautifully!

Packed Dance Floor From The Off

Tonight’s first dance was You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon. The groom being Al, and the bride’s middle name being Elizabeth (or Beth, or Betty!) made sense of the whole thing. It’s a great song and one we’re tempted to add to the repertoire with its great upbeat groove and sing-along chorus!

Next up the groom joined the band to sing Brown Eyed Girl. A great singer himself, it was a lovely chance for him to serenade his bride: and brilliantly he did too. Sadly in the photos below you’ll see our bass player’s behind obscuring the view of Al singing – you’ll just have to use your imagination!

From there on the dance floor remained packed throughout the first set – never once waning – as the guests got their groove on and went nuts for every track we played! Hard to pick highlights, but I think we all enjoyed She’s So Lovely by Scouting for Girls, and Steve always plays a beautiful Sweet Child o’ Mine solo…

Traditional Bridal Exit

It’s certainly become less common in recent years (to our experience at least) – but tonight the bride and groom made their exit around 11pm – about an hour before the reception was due to finish. While weddings can be so much fun you want to eke every last moment from them, they can also be exhausting! Some couples simply want to spend those last few moments of the day with one another – and not start their married life on the back foot through being tired. I completely respect tonight’s couple for making that decision and hope it gives them a great start to their honeymoon!

Now it’s time to leave you with some photos from the night, including a couple of the groom handing out ice-creams, and a few of us trying on the costumes! Enjoy!

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