Does Keira Knightley’s Modest Wedding Give Us Any Ideas About Keeping On Top Of The Wedding Budget?

Last weekend saw the wedding of Keira Knightley and James Righton (Klaxons) which to many people was a surprisingly modest affair. Celebrating with only a handful of guests and using an old Renault Clio as their wedding car: does this give us a fresh perspective on the celebrity wedding?

Wedding Day Essentials

10 years in the wedding industry has shown us that anything is possible for your special day. From castles to a groom’s custom shoes, photo-booths to bands, magicians, cakes and cheese towers, fireworks, flowers that fill the room  –  we’ve seen so much that can make up the perfect day, it’s easy to see how budgets get stretched to breaking point. But seeing such simplicity in the wedding of a couple for whom money is no object brings the important parts of the day into focus.

A Celebration Of Your Marriage

When it comes to planning any wedding there’s so much choice. As a wise groom once told me, it’s the Bride and Groom’s day; so they’re the leading authority on what should happen! The marriage is the key thing, the wedding is a celebration of this marriage.

The very same groom didn’t invite me, his best man, to the wedding breakfast. Some may need to reread that last statement a few times, but yes, I, the best man, didn’t attend the wedding breakfast. To many, this may seem complete madness – on the contrary, it was complete sanity. The couple and parents simply couldn’t afford to feed upwards of 100 guests attending to celebrate the marriage and the meal was kept a strictly family affair. Being in central Bath there were plenty of excellent places to eat and we all met up later for some frankly quite excellent dancing!

Keira and James may not have been thinking about the financial implications of having a more elaborate ceremony but clearly, to them, something else was more important than dining with an extensive group of friends and family.

For the first wedding above it was simply that getting married was the most important thing. The celebration, while wonderful and great fun, was second. I hope Keira and James had a similar perspective!

Modest Weddings vs “Glittering Celebrity-style Weddings”

It isn’t the kind of thing you would usually read on a site promoting Wedding Entertainment – but we’re big fans of the modest wedding! Wedding budgets can quickly spiral out of control, often leading to the date being postponed or the idea being put on the back burner while other daily expenses are dealt with. As Sir Paul Coleridge, a High Court Judge, has been quoted as saying, “If people thought they could not get married unless they had a glittering celebrity-style wedding, I think that’s very tragic.”

Weddings The Keira Knightley Way!

It was great to see such a simple day from such a high profile couple – and we’d love to see more! While not every groom has a band who can play the reception, the CoverUps are always on hand. For our advice on keeping your wedding to a modest budget, why not check out our Top 5 Wedding Budget Tips.