DJ, Dancing and Diligent Planning: Marquee Wedding Just South Of Birmingham

Tonight’s wedding took place on the grounds of the bride’s parents – and quite a spectacular example of West Midlands horticulture they were too! A remarkably grand marquee with a bar as the centrepiece, stage at one end and seating for over 100 guests; they really had gone the whole hog!

Band And DJ

We were working alongside long standing colleague and friend, Paul Kavanagh. When we arrived at 6pm, starters were only just going out, so we had a chance to catch up briefly before loading in. It makes quite a difference working with people you know and like on weddings like this, so this brought a smile to the whole band’s faces. We haven’t worked with a DJ – certainly not one as good as he – for quite some months. It seems that in these days of belt tightening, evening entertainment for weddings is restricted to either a DJ or a live wedding band.

Carefully Planned Timings

As is so often the case, timings were running late on our arrival. Never an issue from our end, the wedding coordinator tonight was pulling out the stops to bring things back on track – but to no avail! Our stand point is this: if the guests, and chiefly the bride, groom and bridal party are having a good day, then all is well. There’s a well known saying about the “best laid plans“, and it could hardly be more appropriate for weddings – but who cares when people are having such a great day! The speeches were the culprit tonight; the father of the bride giving a lovely, heartfelt address. There really is nothing wrong with that. After the wedding ceremony itself, the speeches are probably the most intimate and personal part of any wedding day – so they’re to be enjoyed, and the timings can wait!

Beautiful Live First Dance

We had a brief word with the bride just before the first dance – she was a little worried that they hadn’t had long to practice and asked if we could play the song (Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are) a little slower. We did what we could our end; it’s got a deceptive feel that one, and even playing it slow can feel fast! Regardless, the bride and groom danced beautifully, and shrouded in an almost dry ice mist from the smoke machine really added an air of elegance to the whole dance.

From there we had a packed dance floor the whole night – buffet allowing! A really happy, enthusiastic, lively group of wedding guests made the most of having both a live wedding band and a DJ – and it was great to see.

Little Surprises

The father of the bride had added his own little surprises throughout the day, the final one being a set of fireworks that went off as the couple left for the evening. All these little touches made a wonderful day, and last we saw of the happy couple they were beaming ear to ear.

So, a job well done – as you can see from the photos! Thanks to Paul for taking these… Enjoy!

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