Crockwell Farm, Daventry – An Excellent Wedding Reception at an Excellent Venue

Crockwell Farm was a new one on us today. The venue, scarcely 30miles from the CoverUps Coventry HQ, sits in undulating countryside. The views from the venue are really something – and well worth the somewhat rally-worth drive!

Old Friends, Colleagues and Classmates

A number of tonight’s guests were connected to the band in curious ways. The key connection was Leighton Joskey – an old friend of the band, and excellent wedding photographer. We played for Leighton a couple of years back at his wedding; as I recall an intimate affair in a local hall. Connected though to Leighton were a number of other Warwick Alumni that Mike (tonight’s front man) went to university with!

The Groom’s Band – Living the Dream!

The evening entertainment actually started with the groom’s band playing a set. This group of musicians rehearse together regularly, but seldom play out live. This was seen as a fitting outing; and for the band, playing the first dance live for their good friend was a lovely gesture. Curiously, the first dance was the self same track as we had performed at a wedding only the night before – the Plain White Tees’ Rhythm of Love… perhaps this will become something of a set regular this summer!

Superior Live Photographs

Leighton generously offered to take some photos of the band with the band’s camera while we performed. It was nice to have something more than the static camera angles we are usually stuck with! While I don’t think they do Leighton much justice (using our unfamiliar, and decidedly more amateurish equipment surely didn’t help!) I think they give a good feel for how lively the room felt!

A Wonderful Venue for Live Music

Crockwell House is a great venue, especially for a live band. The room is setup with a great stage, blackout star cloth curtains adorn the walls, and the space is given a great sense of occasion with these touches. And despite it’s unassuming appearences from the outside, the venue really is special once you enter.

Enjoy these photos (edited versions may appear if we get time over the coming weeks) – and we’ll see you again next week for the next installment!

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