Cripps Barn; a Wedding at the Musical Heart of the Cotswolds

To play for musical connoisseurs anywhere is great fun; and doing so in such a great room is always a pleasure! You can tell from the table plan that this couple are huge fans of music: the tables were named after the bride and groom’s favourite albums. Attention to detail here was remarkable with the plan itself being the album covers, the tracknames replaced with the names of the guests! A real sight to behold!

The weather has been great, so the first set didn’t begin until 9:30pm after the buffet. As is often the case with Sunday weddings, the audience starts thinning out from around 8:30pm, as some guests make their way home ready for work the following day. The band therefore had a hard core of revellers to entertain- those who had either taken the Monday off, or decided the celebrations were more important than sleep!

Tonight’s first dance was Stand By Me by Ben E. King. A lovely choice, and as the bride and groom so loved the original song, we did everything we could to be faithful to it. Without a strings section, the instrumental was guitar lead, but this aspect aside, I think our live band version maintained the feel of this classic track.

Cripps Barn is a great venue for a live weddings band. Great access, plenty of power, a good amount of space, hard floor throughout, so a good surface for dancing, and a very reasonable sound limit all add up to making this amongst the band’s favourite venues.

Off to bed now- there’s much to do this week with next weekend another busy one, and a corporate event for P&G the following week. Great to be busy!