Marquee Wedding From Home, Oxfordshire

Marquee tents have been a common choice for wedding parties over the years. However, its not often that we as a band get to play a whole set in someones back garden. By using Ellie & Tom’s parent’s house the couple were able to host a gorgeous wedding in the […]


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The Call Of The Cotswolds

Cotswolds’ Character As The CoverUps, we have the privilege to travel all over England doing what we love; playing great music and ensuring our client’s special days end on high notes.  As an added bonus we get to see some fabulous places in beautiful parts of the country and The […]


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That Crazy Little Thing Called Love!

A beautifully scenic landscape in rural Cotswolds countryside, Chadlington was the perfect setting for a wedding. Mix that together with a Bride and Groom who know how to take good care of the band, not to mention their guests, and you have the makings of a good show! We were […]


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Familiar Faces; Unique Moments.

Back At The Barn Among the band’s favourite venues to play, Tythe Barn, near Oxford is always a welcome sight on the CoverUps’ gig calendar. The positive vibes could be down to the marvellous Oxfordshire countryside; the fantastic food; the quirky renovation of a cow shed; or maybe it’s just […]


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Fabulous Wedding Celebration In Oxford

Tonight the band were honoured to head down to the heart of Oxfordshire and play at a joy filled wedding celebration for some old friends of our lead singer. It’s a rare occasion these days that the band are able to celebrate with friends in such a way – and […]


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The Tythe Barn: The Wedding Band’s Home From Home

Arriving at a wedding at the Tythe Barn is a lot like a trip back home for the band. In the last 5 years or so the band have played scores of lively weddings at this wonderful Oxfordshire wedding venue and each time been greeted by the staff like we’re […]


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Gadget Filled Gig at Oxfordshire’s Heythrop Park

Last night’s gig was at a product showcase for a large computer firm – and as such, right up the band’s street! Always drawn by the latest gadgets and gizmos the time between sound check and set one was filled with testing out the latest line of laptops and workstations… […]


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Caswell House; the Cotswolds Newest/Oldest Wedding Venue!

The first of this weekend’s weddings took place at Caswell House; a collection of buildings dating back as far as the 1400s. It’s a new one to us – which is unsurprising since the venue only opened 2 years ago! Already turning a busy calendar this season it seems the […]


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An Energetic Night at Eynsham Hall

It’s not the first time we’ve visited Eynsham Hall, but it’s unique charm as a wedding venue is fresh every time. Tonight we arrived with plenty of time in hand, so we reclined in the Gun Bar for half an hour and supped on a cold glass of cola. We […]


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