Christmas Wedding at Coventry’s Coombe Abbey

Coombe Abbey as a wedding venue could hardly be more perfect; an authentic 12th Century Coventry monastery set in acres of woodland and all the heritage and tradition that that brings. It’s simply a wonderful place… Not to mention, it’s only 20mins from the CoverUps home just the other side of Coventry!

Wedding Band And DJ

With the resident DJ at the wedding too the band were left without the responsibility of music between the sets. This came as something of a blessing with the bride being a particular fan of house music – not something we’ve got a great deal of at hand (though we’d be happy to get hold of it if required!). The party was due to go long into the night with the band finishing at midnight.

Ellie Goulding First Dance

A popular choice, Ellie Goulding’s rendition of Your Song (originally a hit for Elton John) was the first dance. It’s a lovely song with great themes that any couple in love can relate to. Ellie’s version is somewhat softer than the original and lends itself to a good shuffle round the dance floor – we’ve even seen choreographed first dances to the song, so it’s definitely got something to it!

At The Bride’s Request!

The bride herself was a massive music lover. She had very definite designs on the music for her wedding day – and rightly so! As we all know, it’s very hard to please all the people all the time and on a wedding day it’s easy for the enjoyment of the guests to edge out the bride and groom’s own enjoyment. Toward the end of the night we decided it was time for the bride to take centre stage again and we asked her to select the songs for the band’s finale. She chose the excellent Mr Brightside and Moves Like Jagger; the guests on the dance floor, bridesmaids and friends gathered round her as she took centre stage once more!

That Flat Feeling As the Band Travelled Home

It’s often a funny sort of a journey home after such an eventful night… and Gaz’s car definitely got that flat feeling: a puncture only 5 minutes from the venue! The musicians all in convoy all set to work to get him back on the road and they were homeward bound in under 15 minutes… it’s not exactly an F1 pitstop, but not bad for professional musicians!