Charity Ball At Nottinghamshire Golf Club

Nottinghamshire Golf Club sits just outside Nottingham itself and is a great venue. It’s not often we get to see such open expanses ourselves and our drive into the grounds made Gaz’s hands itch to swap a guitar for a golf club and get out on the course! Tonight though, was a charity event for a heart charity, Keep The Beat, not a chance to stretch our legs with a round of golf!

Function Bands Appreciate A Good Function Room

So often access to a venue seems to be the last thing on an architect’s mind when designing the layout for a venue. We regularly carry gear through the whole length of a venue before arriving in the function room we’re playing in. The Nottinghamshire Golf Club however was quite a different matter. Granted, there was a staircase to contend with, but that was it between the cars and the stage. It makes sense that the less energy we spend getting the equipment in and set up, the more we have for performing – and this gave us a great start!

Simple, Straightforward Charity Event

It’s easy to overthink these kinds of events – but tonight’s organisers were spot on! A great meal, raffle and a band, with donations to charity being made at every stage. It makes sense to set a ticket price that makes a profit, but pays for a good night too. Getting a band for free and charging £5 a ticket you might make a couple of hundred pounds… paying for the entertainment and food and charging £50 a ticket you’re likely to make an order of magnitude more!

The show was great fun – as you can see from the photos. We had a good night, and hope to be back in Nottingham soon (sure we will!)


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