Carlsberg Don’t Plan Gigs…

… but if they did, they’d probably be a lot like this one! Only 10 mins from the Band’s Coventry HQ, the Windmill Village provided a great venue for tonight’s Nurses Graduation Ball. The audience was an excitable and fun group of guys and girls who were ready to let their hair down after a long 3 years of training – they could hardly have been better!

A Fun Crowd Makes for a Fun Night

We have the great privilege of playing music when people are ready for a good time – and our job is made all the easier by an up-for-it audience! Whether at a wedding, corporate event, birthday party – or any other excuse for a party – if you’re booking a band, you’re probably looking for everyone to have a great night. Tonight hit the mark in every way, and with our compressed, high energy 90 minute set we really gave it everything – and the audience responded as you can see in the photos below!

The People You Meet Along the Way

Tonight’s DJ, Chris Bailey of Ace Face DJs, was an interesting character. Very particular about the sound at the gig (probably the most thorough sound check we’ve seen a DJ do in a long time), he has a remarkably number of strings to his bow! Not only was he DJing at the graduation ball, but moving on to a club later that night. During the week Chris writes songs for people’s first dances at their wedding. Who knows, one day we might play one of them!

Quiet Start to the Year

With January-February quiet months on the wedding and corporate function band calendars we’re looking to spend some time working on some new songs for the new season. Any suggestions?!