Brilliant Wedding at Barnsley House

Tonight we were the wedding reception entertainment for an awesome wedding at the exquisite Cotswold wedding venue – Barnsley House. Always a favourite of ours, the staff at Barnsley House really make every effort to keep every aspect of a wedding day running extremely smoothly; and tonight’s wedding was no exception.

Blessed by Amazing Weather

Since the first weddings the band played all those years ago, it’s always been apparent that the weather is the one thing you can’t buy. All UK wedding venues have excellent indoor facilities just in case the weather’s not all you would hope for, but one of Barnsley House’s real beautiful features are it’s gardens. For the happy couple and all their guests to be able to enjoy the grounds in such glorious sunshine was a real treat; and it certainly put everyone in a great mood.

Live First Dance – See You Soon by Coldplay

The band performed the first dance live tonight. Not a song even the Coldplay fans in the band were familiar with, See You Soon is certainly an alternative to the usuals! A really delicate and poetic song we think probably every listener will derive their own meaning from it; and the bride and groom clearly had a special place in their hearts for it.

On a slightly geeky, technical note – the song is played in an alternative tuning. Usually, retuning guitars significantly in this way is prohibitively time consuming for a live band. Fortunately, we had a Line 6 variax on hand which makes short work of such issues, changing the tuning of the whole guitar in the flick of a switch.

Lively Dance Floor Start to Finish

Throughout the performance tonight the dance floor remained bustling – full to the brim for the most part. There are always moments in any evening when factors conspire to leave the dance floor thinner – tonight this happened to leave the more experienced dancers to the 60s section of the first set. As you can see from the photos though, the thin patches were short lived, and for upwards of 90% of the live playing time, the band were playing to a completely packed dance floor.

Connections and Referrals

We were pleasantly surprised to meet Libby and Will tonight; a couple we played for last summer at their wedding. After much discussion it transpired that a few of the guests at tonight’s wedding were also at their’s last year; though curiously that wasn’t what prompted tonight’s bride and groom to book the band. More than likely this was our experience playing at Barnsley House over recent years, but it’s great to see these connections popping up!

And tonight one guest approached us about a performance for the military in a couple of weeks – so that could be much fun if we can make that work! Until then, we’ll leave you with photos from tonight’s live performance (and some taken beforehand!)

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