Bright Wedding Day at Henley’s Bix Manor

Today’s wedding at Bix Manor was drenched in the long awaited sun. The band chatted over their dinner in the garden at Bix Manor, while enjoying the early evening sunshine, that a week ago no one would have expected such great weather – here in Oxfordshire or anywhere throughout the UK! But shine it did, and it made for a glorious wedding at Bix Manor.

Weddings in Oxfordshire

Weddings in Oxfordshire are great fun for us. They take us out of our regular circuit of local wedding venues around Coventry and the West Midlands, without adding too dramatically to the journey time! Today, it was just under 90mins door to door – most of that on the M40… Good stuff.

On arrival we had, as we expected, some time in hand. The wedding guests were on their mains, and still had deserts, coffees and speeches; so we had just a little time to explore. We found a table outside in the court yard where we could enjoy the sun, and tucked into our food.

Bix Manor Weddings and Wedding Bands

Our first time at Bix Manor it was great to meet such friendly and effective staff. Gary, the man in charge, saw to it that everything ran smoothly and in a timely fashion. During our discussions about the set-up, it became apparent there was a tight turn around. We were allotted only 45 mins – half what our contract requests, and 15 mins shorter than an uneventful set-up would usually take. Gary assured us that the tables in the performance area would be cleared in under 10mins – and when his end of the bargain was kept, it felt the gauntlet was truly thrown down!

I didn’t manage to time it exactly, but we certainly managed one of our speedier set-ups; bringing things back on track after longer than expected speeches.

Suffice to say, our experience of being a wedding band at Bix Manor was one of well managed, efficient delivery – and by the time we took to the stage everyone was truly in the spirit!

Hall and Oates First Dance

Tonight’s first dance was something of a curve ball to us – Hall and Oates’ You Make My Dreams Come True. It’s a great, up-beat but remarkably fitting song. We played the song live and it was great fun. It made a change from the often chosen ballads and seemed to sum up the way the bride and groom felt about one another. Playing these new songs as first dances live, it’s often the first time the band have played the song live at an actual show – so it’s great for us when the reception is as warm as it was tonight. It seems we did a suitably faithful rendition, and the dance floor was soon lively and bustling!

Early Finish

Curfew at Bix Manor is 11:30pm; half an hour before we’re usually finished. It didn’t seem resented by the guests, who after an encore (a rapid version of 500 miles) were in good spirits. For us, it gave us a head start on getting home – which was well appreciated with another wedding tomorrow! As such, off to bed now. We’ll leave you with some photos from one of our phones…

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