Bistro Live! A New Party Venue Gig for the Band

Tonight saw the band visit a new venue – Bistro Live in Nottingham. It’s quite a different sort of a night to the usual weddings, with an epic DJ hyping the crowd to a frenzy before the band came to the stage; read on to see how that went!

Acoustic Over Dinner

The band played a 20 minute acoustic set over dinner, which was a nice way to introduce ourselves, though in some ways perhaps diminished the impact of the band later. It had been suggested to do a solo acoustic set, but the venue went with the full band having in house a number of hen-dos and similar parties! Still, it was good fun to play, and a great chance to whip out some Michael Buble!

Party Rock Anthems!

We opened the main set with Jet’s Are You Going To Be My Girl. While perhaps not the most instantly recognised of songs, the fast pace and bare faced rock seemed to go down well with the hyped audience. The rest of the night was great fun – the lighting and staging giving us a marvellous vantage point to deliver CoverUps staples like Don’t Stop Believing, Mr Brightside and Sex On Fire.

Next Time

We’ve got some changes to make to the set for next time – it’s always good to have a good gig, but there are ways we can make these great.. though not until October for now! We’ll be back, this time in Leicester’s Bistro Live venue on the 19th October this year. Have a good summer, and we’ll see you then!

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