Big Wedding in Little Horwood

The wedding tonight took place at Horwood House in Little Horward, near Milton Keynes. The venue is a characterful mix of old and new, with the original house adjacent to a much larger modern facility. I think there were two or three weddings actually taking place in the venue, though we saw little to give the game away.

We were setting up in a bar adjacent to the room in which the guests were eating, giving us plenty of time to get things sorted. The load ins at Horwood House aren’t our favourite (down windy corridors), but we were set, ready and fed with time to spare.

The first dance tonight was “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars; not to be confused with the Billy Joel track of the same name, which incidentally we played earlier this year. The bride and groom had asked for us to arrange a more chilled out version than the radio friendly recording we all know, and I think our acoustic lead version was well received. The young couple had requested to hear a number of recent artists, so there were a few more of our most current tracks than usual. Fireflies was probably our highlight for the evening – additional keyboards provided by Matt on tonight’s 5 piece line-up really added to the produced feel of the song. The wedding’s floor fillers were the usual suspects; Forget You, Pokerface and Don’t Stop Believing all rousing a great response from the diverse audience.

Scarcely 10 hours before the car needs to be packed for tomorrow night’s wedding in Cambridge, so I best get some sleep! Good night all…